Metal Art - Inspired by Nature Metal Art - Inspired by Nature Great Blue Heron Great Blue Heron captures the grace and style of this majestic bird. Stainless steel, copper and limestone are blended to create a unique contrast. The base is found Kentucky Limestone. 196851278 Ibis Skimming over a bed of sea grass, Ibis is a snapshot in time that immortalizes the beauty and form of this awesome seabird in the combined media of stainless steel, copper and limestone. The base is a unique piece of fossilized Kentucky Limestone. 196851279 Lilies on the Pond A blend of copper and stainless steel completes this picture of an underwater scene from the lake. Lilies bob on the top of the water pushed by the breezes and the minnows and crappie as they swim underneath. The crawfish searches for his next meal. 196851280 On the Edge - Pickelerweed Lake Rock Gentle pickerelweeds grace the top of the limestone in a replica of an scene on the shores of the lake as crawfish play at the base,crappie swim by and a combination of copper and stainless steel mussels cling to the rock. 196851281 Copper and Stainless Steel Ibis Ibis gently floated above the sea grass on his way to the ocean. 194261339 Fuschia Flowers, hummingbird 204452935 Orchid Flowers 193101787 Cherry Blossoms Flowers, Cherry Tree 193101786 Stainless and Copper Eagle 184655141 Heron in Flight copper and stainless come together to create the heron in flight 184088102 Heron Stainless and Copper After the storm 204178065 Heron Custom Landscape 180485776 Heron Trio in Flight 180064782 First Cast- Metal Fly Fisherman Wall mounted, fly fishing 69531531 Evening Feeding - Metal Pond Wall mounted, 3-D sculpture 22 inches tall 69531532 Ascension Combining steel and cooper to give birth to this wall sculpture that depicts the sun's rays gently peeking from the cloud and raising the doves up into the heavens and the tree raises it's branches higher to be in the clouds.. 203876523 Pelican True test of the durability and performance of our stainless and copper birds. This pelican shakes of the water in a downpour. 203877399 Pelican Stainless steel and copper pelican with glass eyes waits while we set up at an art show. 203877400